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Can some one explain to me why ~90% of players on CS think that going down the center corridor is the best and only option to get to the reactor on dreadnaught ship???????????

Leaving the other two corridors almost completely empty.

I'm constantly trying to get people's attention as the hero to follow me down any one of the other two corridors, but everyone seems to want to bottleneck in the middle corridor on the second level and die????????



  • mAtChEs ToO lOnG. Now excuse, I have to throw myself against the enemies dying over and over
  • Mob mentality I think, new players and stuff will see that lots of people are running to that middle corridor and just stay there because they think thats the only way to go. I agree DICE needs to add something or maybe different spawns to show people there are multiple ways to get in
  • If people want to go down the suicidal hallway let them.
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  • How many times do I have to say that 90% of players on this game are bots?

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  • I mean, I know there are other routes but the center corridor is the most fun. Feels like a true battle. Plus, it's a great way to rack up battle points for a stronger offensive wave later down the line.
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  • can someone explain to me why anyone plays that mode at all? Let's spend 3 hrs fighting over random spots that have no strategic or tactical value... then wait 5 minutes for a ship to load, then 5 minutes for the planet to reload... etc... etc... etc...
  • bfloo
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    How many times do I have to say that 90% of players on this game are bots?

    Don't insult bots like that
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  • No. Stinger pistol to hold them back.


  • Instead of a stupid Voice line wheel, we should have a Commands wheel
  • Instead of a stupid Voice line wheel, we should have a Commands wheel

    Either way that's what I meant...........just tired of watching people running down the same hallway over and over again and getting no where.
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