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November Community Calendar

Hero concept: Thrawn

I really hope we get him eventually but here's my idea of what he could be.

Overview: A tactical mastermind of the galactic empire, Grand Admiral Thrawn assures his victory through flawless strategy and can efficiently thwart almost any rebel threat. Though his loyalties may be unclear at times, the chiss warrior is a valuable asset to the emperors growing roster of politician, warlords, generals, and admirals.


Weapon: rk-3 (modded somehow to have higher damage output)

Health: (i dont really know tbh you guess tell me what you think)

L1 ability: Concentrate fire. Thrawn commands his soldiers to fire on one point. Thrawn selects the enemy who has been playing the object for longest. This enemy is now highlighted for all allies to see. All imperials now deal extra damage to the target.


R1 ability: On me! Any allies within a certain distance of thrawn deal increased damage, have increased health, and heal fast.


L1+R1 ability: Chiss senses. For the duration, Thrawn can see enemies through walls and behind cover using his heat vision. (this looks different to bossks, it is less extreme and only shows heat on people, not environment)


speed: Thrawn moves at the same speed as assault troopers


Field armour. Default


Grand admiral. uncommon


Agent of the ascendancy. Legendary


Exiled. Legendary


Well, what do you guys think? Thrawn is definitely my favorite star wars character.


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