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November Community Calendar

Ideas for the future of Instant Action (and COOP)

A few weeks ago, i wanted to write down a list with ideas concerning Instant Action and COOP in the forums and now, 2 Patches, an Update and a few Server Tweaks later, finally i have the time and the words to do so. I posted this a few days ago somewhere else and now I put it here. The following things are just my ideas (partly something, that came up to my mind, while i was playing and partly something, that is inspired by things, others just wrote). If you agree with these things: great. If you disagree: also great. That way, we can discuss about, what would be the best for Instant Action and its future.

This post shouldn't be about new Maps, Modes and Eras. Of course they're vital for the future of both modes, but mainly I want to talk a bit more, what could be done to things, that are already in the game or are possibly about to come in the next few months.

Even though I'll focus on Instant Action in this post, I'd like to say a few words about COOP as well.
The October Update was really big for this mode and it feels much more complete with the Defend-Scenarios, Co-Op just received. For me, COOP is one of the best, if not the best mode in the game.
Nevertheless there are a few things that should be tweaked in a future Update.
  • I really liked, being able to start a match of COOP with just 2 players in the lobby. However this change has been reverted in the last Update and i really think, the revert should be reverted, since it's frustrating to be in a lobby with 2 other players and waiting for minutes to finally get a full lobby.
  • At the moment, every enemy bot spawns in at the same time. It starts with a little Server-lag, the Mini-map starts glowing red and then lots of bots are overrunning you. I think, some tweaks concerning AI spawns could help to improve the mode.
  • I don't know, if it's possible, but I'd like to see Split-Screen added to COOP (i assume, that online Split-Screen is less performance intensive than offline Split-Screen; if i'm wrong, please correct me). Just let the first player gain XP but not the second one, if this is a problem. I just believe, this would make lots of people happy.
  • Another change, that would improve COOP is a shorter Spawn-Timer. I know, you reduced it already in a Server-Tweak, but i think it shouldn't be more than 7 seconds, while it is now something about 12 seconds.

But now focusing on Instant Action:

General Changes/ Bug Fixes/ AI-behavior/ Quality-of-Life:
There are some things, i can't really assign to a category (Is it a bug? Is it a feature? Is it some speacial AI behavior, that should be tweaked?), so i put everything, that's not related to Modifications into this paragraph.
  • In my point of view, someone should take a look at the default damage output and accuracy of bots, since this can be some kind of a horrible experience for some players. You may win most of the games, but even on "Rookie" diffculty you die far too often. This one concerns COOP as well.
  • Enemy heroes and allied bots should be visible on the Mini-Map. This is the case in Multiplayer, so i don‘t see the reason, why this shouldn‘t be a thing in Instant Action (and COOP) as well.
  • At the moment, you aren‘t able to see, how many kills you‘ve got and how often you died, so i‘d really like to see a Scoreboard, like you have in literally other mode in the game. Of course this Scoreboard should show the AI players as well.
  • I really like the beginning of the matches, with the camera moving from top to the normal vision and the CS-Opening-Theme (which could be a little louder tbh), but the End of a match feels a bit clipped, like Arcade. So i suggest to implement a short cutscene at the End. Just take that scene from the end of the Co-Op-matches, it would fill that role more than satisfactory.
  • After the cutscene at the end (mentioned before), you should implement a Leaderboard. This is not just epic to see, it would give the offline players a reason to buy victory poses as well.
  • Bots shouldn‘t be able to shoot, while thrown or lying on the ground (it‘s still there, at least in IA). It makes some abilities (Maul's Choke, Anakin's Pull, Clone Commandos Repulsor Blast) completely useless, since in this situation you can't really avoid getting damaged.
  • The player should be able to play as every Hero from the other eras on the CW Maps in Instant Action. If someone want to keep that mode era-accurate, then he just shouldn‘t play them. That way, it is in the player‘s hands to decide, if he/she wants Heroes like Luke, Vader, Leia or Boba to be a part of this mode. Of course the AI keeps picking the era-accurate heroes.
  • I understand, that it may be a bit too complicated to create Starfighter AI for that mode at the moment, but again: if at least the player is able to play as one, the mode would feel much more „in the player‘s hands“ and this would be exactly, what a sandbox mode should be in my opinion.

Game Modifications:

At first let's take a look at the Modifications, that are currently in the game and how the devs could improve them:
  • „Map“ → This Modification can‘t be really improved (besides bringing in new maps or new times of day), so i‘d leave it as it is.
  • „Enemy heroes“ → At the moment it is a „Yes/No“-Modification. If this gets updated, it should have the following Options: „0“, „1“, „2“, „3“, „4“. That way you not only toggle them on or off, you can also decide, how many of them are on the map at the same time.
  • „Battle Points“ → This one is almost fine, but i can still be improved. In my opinion, there should be an Option „Off“, so you can start the match, playing as whatever you want. Sometimes it‘s a little bit frustrating, when you want to play a normal-length match as a hero and you have to earn the BPs for it and then you die and have to earn them again and so on, so that you are actually playing as a hero for quite a short time (i write this with my best friend‘s facial expression in mind, after he died as a hero and realised, that he has to earn BPs again (he isn‘t really good in this game, especially with troopers, but he still enjoys it)).
  • „Match length“ → This one can be improved a lot. Instead of changing the time, that is needed to hold the majority of CPs to gain Percentages, the devs should just raise the Percentages needed to win the match. This Modification would be similar to the Arcade-Modification, that changes the number of Tickets. I‘m thinking about Options like „25%“, „50%“, „75%“, „100%“, „125%“, „150%“, „200%“, „300%“, „500%“. Perhaps it isn‘t needed to have that many different Options for this Modification, but i think most of you would agree, that you have a better feeling, how long one match would last, if this Modification would look like that.
  • „Difficulty“ → This Modification should be completely removed, since i have some ideas to replace it with some more customizable Modifications (see below).

Besides updated Modifications, this mode especially needs new Modifications:
  • „Allied Heroes“ → This Modification would just bring in some Heroes to your team. The Options would be: „0“, „1“, „2“, „3“ and „4“. If you choose a Hero, that is currently used by the AI, this bot respawns and spawns as whatever you played before.
  • „Player-Team-Size“ and „Enemy Team-Size“ → It would be the same as it is on PC, but with less bots. If you balance the teams, it would be 13vs13 at maximum. If one Team shall have more bots than the other, then you can also set this Modification to more bots as long as the total amount of bots isn‘t higher than 25 (so for example 20vs5 is OK, 20vs6 is not), if it can‘t be increased in the future.
  • „Allied Reinforcements“ and “Enemy Reinforcements“ → This Modification shall give you a possibility to toggle off Reinforcements, if you want to do that. The Options for this one, that came to my mind, are:
    • „on“ (every Reinforcement class is allowed)
    • „off“ (no Reinforcements at all)
    • „only Aerials“
    • „only Infiltrators“,
    • „only Enforcers“.
  • „Allied Vehicles“ and “Enemy Vehicles“ → Similar to the Modification above, this gives you the possibility to toggle off Vehicles. Possible Options are:
    • „on“ (Speeders and Armors)
    • „off“ (no Vehicles at all)
    • „only Speeders“
    • „only Armors“.
  • „Player‘s health“ and “AI health“ → This is almost the same Modification as in Arcade. The Options would be: „Half Amount“, „Normal“ and „Double Amount“ and "One Hit".
    Also an Option „Unlimited Health“ for the player would be a nice thing.
  • „Mini-Map“ and „Ability recharge“ → These Modifications are in Arcade as well and i would want them to have in Instant Action with the same Options as in Arcade.
  • „Enemy apperances“ → This one changes the skins, the enemy Troopers are using and i thought about the following Options:
    • „Standard“ (the bots are using the planetary default skins)
    • „Mixed up“ (the enemy Troopers are using the unlocked skins randomly)
    • „Choose“ (the player can choose one skin per Class to be used by the enemies).
  • „Allied Trooper‘s appearances“ → This Modification would be the same as the one before, but there would be an additional Option „Match the Player“, so the allied AI Troopers use the same skin as the player.

Now coming to an idea, that i saw a few days ago, posted in the forums: sliders. The following Slider-Modifications would replace the „Difficulty“-Modification and works like the Audio-Setting-Sliders but with less steps between the lowest and the highest value (it should be either 3 or 5).
If you pull every slider to the left, it would be the easist setting, you can have. If you pull them to the right, it would be the hardest setting. I thought, that the following ones could be great Slider-Modifications:
  • „AI-Agressiveness“: low <-> low/normal <-> normal <-> normal/high <-> high
    → This Modification would change the way AI Heroes behave, as well as the AI behavior concerning defending/attacking CPs.
  • „AI-shoot-accuracy“: low <-> low/normal <-> normal <-> normal/high <-> high
  • „AI-Damage-Output“: low <-> low/normal <-> normal <-> normal/high <-> high
  • „AI-grouping-behavior“: low <-> low/normal <-> normal <-> normal/high <-> high
    → This Modification would determine, if the AI is grouping up or if they tend to running over the map alone.

The last idea, I want to give to you, is something similar to what I mentioned in the COOP paragraph: Split-Screen and/or additional bots, if you have an internet connection or an option to "switch" onto a server. This one is based on my assumption, that online bots and online Split-Screen are less performance intensive than offline bots and offline Split-Screen (and that it's possible to do something like that at all). Again: I may be completely wrong, this is only my assumption and my hope and possibly a way to make this mode even more enjoyable.

But now my long list of ideas finally comes to an end. If you‘re still reading this: Thank you so much! I would like to read your thoughts about this. May the Force be with you...

PS: @F8RGE, if you (or someone else at DICE) have the time and the patience for it, i would be so grateful, if you could take a look at this post. ("We would be honored, if you would join us")


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