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12 second spawn timer killed Co-op.

12 seconds is like an eternity.

I played one match. Respawned to get Chewbacca and waited and waited and waited.

Is it so you can go get a snack or have a bathroom break? I am exaggerating of course, but the extended timer killed the fun of co-op.


  • Amen. I used to play co op every day. Now since the spawn timer increase, I think I've played it twice.
  • i thought they changed it to 7 i have lost so many games of Coop because no one could spawn in.
  • The real question is who ever asked for this? Everyone complains about the time and they just increase it
  • it is still 12, you also have to consider 12 second timer plus if you choose a hero/default spawn point its around another 10 seconds to get back to the battle. You can quickly start to do the math and figure out at a certain point when the game is over and leave it early if you want.
  • It's crazy. Takes away the great fun we were having in COOP. The ONLY mode where you can FEEL the satisfaction of bottlenecked meaty kills!! It was brilliant fun and now it has been slowed down dispersing the team!
  • Probably a half ased attempt at creating "challenge" Or a straight up troll.
  • It had to be an attempt to make it harder in response to some saying it was too easy. However, ALL modes are too easy with a solid, pre-made squad.

    If your team is a well-oiled machine, you will crush everything in your path.

    However, Co-op should NOT cater to veteran pre-made squads. Co-op should focus more on new players. Provide a challenge, but not don't go crazy with it.

    To increase difficulty, increased spawn timer is not the way to do it. It is just annoying.
  • SQJACKIE wrote: »
    The real question is who ever asked for this? Everyone complains about the time and they just increase it
    The AI got tired of being steamrolled so they complained on Reddit

    That's a good one. Didn't the devs say, that the AI behaves the way they do, because we "teached" them? It wouldn't be a surprise then...
  • if they want to create a challenge create tier 1-4 coop missions, they have levels and master rank in this game use it.
  • JediJulius
    712 posts Member
    edited November 9
    Honestly, I don’t even know who’s incompetence I should be mad at at DICE. I’ve never seen a studio nerf so many things that people don’t ask for, yet leave annoying or OP strategies (that were often DICE’s idea in the first place) reigning for months at a time.

    The fact that they get paid by the hour to make pointless, unsupported decisions almost makes me envious.
  • It's a reflection of shooting your guns in all directions hoping you hit something vs knowing exactly what you are making and why. There seems to be no solid identity of what each system in this game is supposed to be.
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