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November Community Calendar

Honestly, Extraction is the BEST non-hero gamemode of the game

And you devs aren't doing anything since more than a year, despite the great post people still writes nowadays.


  • Yes please bring back Extraction
  • Extraction was my favorite mode for a long time.
  • If they would add more maps it would be the single best small mode overall in the game imo. HvV has lost any and all credibility in might have once had imo, it’s toxic , strike just sucks, and blast is well..., blast. If they’re gonna do a team deathmatch at least add kd stats and all infantry with no reinforcements. No cargo, no dropzone, no droidrun, no sabotage, so extraction it is,...the problem is 2 maps.
  • It’s the best, but simply because of poor competition. Strike is fun but playing it alone is just asking to get steamrolled by premades. Same for blast I assume, I don’t play that. And all three modes suffer from the tiered unit crap.
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  • Never played it because never found a match :( Is it gud?
  • Nope. It has only two maps and it is super unbalanced (jabba's palast)
  • I don’t really play Extraction very much, but here’s my opinion on the mode ever since the merge with Strike.

    While Strike is still a fun mode, I gotta day that Extraction is slightly more fun than Strike and it’s a really great/underrated mode. It just really needs more maps.
  • Completely agree. Now if only they would add some more maps to it...
  • Nope. It has only two maps and it is super unbalanced (jabba's palast)

    How is unbalanced?
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