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November Community Calendar

Star Cards and balance

When heroes and villains were given passive health on kills and new star cards, that was a mad update. There were many that were amazing, but the ones that stood out were the balanced star cards I should say, eg; Grevious gets more resistant at the cost of his regeneration, Boba's flying recharge rate at the cost of regeneration, Rey's extra dodge at the cost of stamina. Well done.

I merely ask that this should implemented to unused star cards that make them desirable enough to use whilst being balanced. Examples; Lingering Smoke could be changed to 'Ambush'. Enemies caught within the smoke receive more damage from Lando at the cost of the smoke grenade having 20% extra Recharge time. Vader’s stamina on kill should be replaced with 'Overwhelm'. Vader's strikes deal an increased amount of damage and drain stamina off heroes at an increased rate when blocked, at the cost of 'focused rage' not giving Vader extra health as well as an increased recharge rate for 'focused rage'.

Hopefully you’ll see this and agree :)


  • I agree that they need to do a star card pass, I mean some of these star cards need to be removed/replaced. I think they went in the right direction with the recent health on kill replacements. I think of Yoda's star card that increases the rate that his unleash charges from blaster fire, it is such a useless card. If you have more than 1 trooper shooting at you it already charges extremely fast. It is a waste of a star card option.
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