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November Community Calendar

Not, for sure.... but spoiler waring, don't read if you don't want spoilers, or potential spoilers.

Soooo, i think ezra bridger, is in the rise of skywalker. Well... i read something about them adding eight new characters to the rise of skywalker, and one of the concept arts from last year, are of a character that has green clothes, and has fair tanned skin with dark long black hair, and with a short dark beard, i think so at least. Anyhow the initials of this character is titled "EB", ezra bridger, another thing is that there was a picture of maz kanata flying her pirate ship, and there is a character once again in green clothes, and tanned skin with black hair, and they have a long like, silver thing in their hand, something that looks like a lightsaber. There is yet another picture, of rey fighting sith troopers, and another character next to her with green clothes and a black armor chest plating, and this character is using the force to fend off first order mountain troopers, and they have a green saber. It was also said that JJ Abrams met with Dave Filoni, multiple times, discussing star wars rebels characters, and it was speculated that ezra if in the rise of skywalker, that he will reveal who and what snoke is, because he had some kind of connection to snoke when he was in the unknown regions when him and thrawn took off into hyperspace.

It was also explains in the rise of skywalker why the knights of ren were not present, during TFA or TLJ. It was said that snoke sent them to what is called "The beyond" I don't know what the beyond is, but it was said that they were away in the quote "beyond" for about a year, and that the leading knight of ren might actually have a lightsaber, and is believed to be called kato ren. The leading knight is said to maybe be force sensitive and is only one tier away from kylo ren, so he could actually take charge, but snoke put kylo in charge. The others don't have sabers because they don't have the resources to make a bunch of sabers, but that the leading one was seen with a shiny silver thing attached to his of her belt, in a leaked image. It was also speculated that one of the kinghts of ren is a mandalorian, it's the one with that battle axe, that is a very similar looking axe to the one seen axe with that pair of mandalorian armor in Solo.


  • So.... does anyone else think that ezra might make an appearance? Based on what i said above and what others have speculated.
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