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Why does DICE do events and daily challenges for Starfighter Assault?

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I always thought it was confusing that the devs always try to get people to play Starfighter Assault, but they haven't added any new maps since 2017. It's most bug free mode in the game. Why no new content?


  • Cuz the studio that made the mode closed
  • Alwe15
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    SQJACKIE wrote: »
    Cuz the studio that made the mode closed

    Closed! I thought they had moved on to another project but sad times...
  • I have tried to play the mode, but the waits are too long.
  • I started playing again in first person and I have to say it's possibly the most immersive mode in the game. No bugs at all. Played both sides on Kamino and loved every moment of it.
  • Because they don't want the game mode to seem like it's dead, which it is.
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  • Shame. There is so much potential. Just a few more maps would make a difference.
  • SQJACKIE wrote: »
    Cuz the studio that made the mode closed

    Criterion games never closed... They even helped with the Firestorm mode for BFV. And even if they have moved on to do their own thing, DICE is more than capable of using the SA assets and create new maps. They just don't want to.
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  • "more than capable" is not how I'd describe the development team that introduces obvious bugs with every update and leaves most unfixed for months
    Order of Strike maps leading up to Extraction:
    Kamino -> Mos Eisley -> Death Star II -> Kessel -> Jabba's
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