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Geonosis hole

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Fix the hole on the HvV and Hero Showdown map. On the edge over the cliff where the down starfighter is. There is a hole for you to hide in. free of the out bounds EA if you are gonna make maps make sure you can't expolite them.
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  • Scratch that there are multiple hole around the cliffs
  • Ummmm you do know that hiding on a map in a glitch does NOT help your team win any more right? There is no longer a picked target. If someone on your team or their team hides, that's just one less attacking or defending.
    “There is always hope.”
  • I was playing hero showdown all this one team did was take out one of us and then they would go into the whole just to wait out the match. I either had to take the lost or jump down there and fight them both with little room and constantly get pushed or held into the out of bounds. If they didn't get me the out of bounds will. Luckily for me one was kicked for being idle so it was just a one v one. I taught that coward a leason.
  • It may have worked out in the end, but I want to be sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.
  • Equinox wrote: »
    I was playing hero showdown all this one team did was take out one of us and then they would go into the hole just to wait out the match. .

    Well that's a new one, they must have been using mics and were just pranking you, this is extremely unusual behavior. 🧐🤔

    Hah, but now that you brought it up it might not be any more (unusual) because now the whole globe knows it. Great. 🙄

    “There is always hope.”
  • Big deal?! So you got to teach 'em a lesson. I think there should be a map inside a giant crater, with small and medium size craters inside it...and a cave system underneath the entire crater. It'd be awesome! And tons of space and places to hide in and do crazy stuff. Then, for people who want "fair" maps, a map that is one big, flat plane...similar to Crait, except without the underground tunnels and no base in the mountains. In fact, no mountains. They can use a dry, cracked mud texture to simulate the dried up sea / salty plain areas on earth. Wouldn't that be cool? A Star Wars map on earth?
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