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December CC

Does Hero Showdown start if it's a 1v1?

I heard that they recently changed it so that Hero Showdown starts with only two players now, but this isn't the case from what I've seen. I've been waiting in lobbies with two players for ages sometimes and it'd just be really nice if they added this into the game, or perhaps this is a glitch maybe and they already have?

Or maybe I misunderstood it and what they meant was they allow matches that've already started to start with there's only two players left in the match, though I thought that was already the case before I heard they'd changed it to allow that....


  • It did, and then they changed it back for some reason

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  • I was gonna say that's stupid I hope they change it back but it looks like about two days ago they did thankfully! :) Hopefully they don't change it back again....
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