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Balance of the force in HvV

I am fairly alright with the mechanics of the game and ideally love HvV.

But the 1 v 4s need to stop. There needs to be a balance given to the lonesome hero or villain that has to one man army due to their teammates leaving them throughout the match.

Many times have I seen players get absolutely destroyed because of this and it is sad to watch a merciless pack pick on a determined player.

Granted players do need skill at times to carry their own weight. But a quantity of skill outweighs an individual player.

I don’t care if it is A.I super troopers you have send or an additional buff to the lone survivor, but the force needs to play a part in balancing things out.

Thank you


  • There is always a "Rage Quit" Button.

    Its always cool to disappear infront of these losers.

    So make good use of it.
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