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Weapon Ideas and class reworking ideas

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edited November 14
I myself love the assault class but I do think the community has nerfed the shotty to a depressing degree which had me come up with an idea. Should the assault vanguard be reworked into the unit gaining faster speed and rapid health regeneration and have a slightly upped damage output from their primary weapon. Thus making the shotty a primary weapon.
Just a small thought.

The officers could be given a DL18

Heavies the RT 97C

Specialists could keep their speed with a scan and resistance so as to escape. They could then have the T21 with a custom into T21B


  • Specialists need the X-8 Night Sniper. With the Stinger Pistol (RIP) nerf they need something for fast close range action yet still keep their snipe ability.
  • T-21 should be for assault or heavy. but working like in BF2015. Alternate Clone Wars version of the DC-15 Rifle, but working similar.
  • Bring back the T-50 with the charge shot with an arc trajectory. Insta-kill on direct hit from far, far away. Or two-shot kill.

    Cycler rifle to shoot through shields.
    BF1 shock grenade, with a chain effect up to a certain distance from the grenade's landing loc.
    Playable Rancor.
    Force levitation and moving objects around with the force.
    Star cards bestowing hyper speed for a few seconds, and gun-disabling or modifying effects in real-time to enemies' guns.
    Make the heavy class have double health of other basic classes.
    Redistribute battle points to active players from idle players.
    New placeable turrets with stun effects, anti-hero / anti-villain effects, and a proximity fog mine that is throwable to a long distance (several times farther than an ARC's electric mine). And give it to either the specialist or assault, or both.
    Various deployable droids.
    Expand maps to include more of the side areas in all maps, and reduce the amount of narrow / linear objective based layout.
    Ability to quick-roll out of being knocked down by force push/pull and clone commando's knockdown gun...except when falling from a higher platform...and has to be timed correctly (not a mini-game either).
    Get rid of discolored scope, and expand the scope's zoom view so it's a wider circle, at least...almost double wide.
    Reduce static clutter around objective / control points, and make a bit more places to hide from aerial vehicle fire while on the ground.
    Introduce beasts into more maps, like wumpus, Rancor, asteroid worm for starfighter assault in a new map, and those ridable amphibious things from Utapau in the prequels.
  • Bring back Power Up weapons. Re-use the daily loot box asset to replace the token from BF1 and place them randomly over maps. It will give Troops stuff like; Orbital Strike, Blaster Cannon, R5-D4 Droid, Pulse Cannon, Medical Droid, etc.
  • CJ-9 Bo rifle for the assault.
    T-21 for the heavy.
    DL18 and DT12 for the officer.
    Pulse cannon and cyvler rifle for Specialist.

    Recover the smoke grenade for the assault.

  • Deployable droids are very much welcome.

    I kinda want the Probe Droids that ran around murdering people again instead of being props. The funniest droids in the galaxy they are.
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