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Vader's Cape/Hands Bug

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edited November 2019
Here to say that I actually adore BF II. But there is a minor bug that frustrates me a lot and it is all about Vader. This has nothing to do with gameplay itself but seeing Vader's elbows passing right through his cape while defending himself or while jumping makes me pick him less and less more. I understand that this might sound like I'm exaggerating, because the gameplay is not affected. However, I'm that kind of player that just loves creating cinematic fights with AI without any HUD so it actually feels like a Star Wars movie with full immersion but this cape thing ruins everything. Please DICE, everything was alright before the Felucia Update. Please do something about it, love you <3





  • Its not just vader, most cloaks and clothing with movement is clipping
  • eeew
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    Friend, if I were you, I would abandon this cause, it has been more than 8 months since it started and none of them moved to do anything and solve this bug, I am disappointed with DICE, they do not care to solve it, look how many updates have already released and none of them had a fix for this error, it's a shame.
  • OverdriveFinish
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    Oh Ikr? I mean, so much time has passed already that you simply start taking this for granted. I still hope that they would notice this somehow. Also I have a thought that they ignore that on purpose. You know, when I saw the last community transmission about The Age of Rebellion where Vader leads an attack while it is clearly visible how his hand passes through that damned cape... I felt sad af you know. DICE are known to pay as much attention to details as possible. They know about the cape thing, of that I'm certain.
  • a_1
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    I haven’t payed enough attention to see this, bu I do know that I’ve seen Dooku’s hand clip his cape whith a forwards dodge.
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