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Clan Looking For Cooop!! Recruiting (PC)

Clan Looking For Cooop!! is recruiting battlefront 2 players PC.
The clan so far is made up of a small group of English and American guys and girls. If you are looking for people to have fun with in game, please contact us here or add me at origin LFC-Fraggle.
We are mature gamer's so we would ask players to be be 18+.
We have Teamspeak and we can get discord setup if people prefer this.
Many thanks for reading this and looking forward to meeting some new faces. :smiley:


  • Hey! How are you doing?
    I hope you are still looking for random´s to play because so am I!
    I´ll add you on Origin and if everything goes well, we can play.
  • Thanks for the reply Berny and yes we are still looking for ppl to play with. :)
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