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Fast Spawn Event: Hero Starfighter & Starfighter Assault! (3X)

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Start Time: November 22nd - 00:01 CET
End Time: November 25th - 06:00 CET

Continuing on from last weekends Double XP offering, we're switching on Triple XP for Hero Starfighter & Starfighter Assault modes this weekend along with the "Fast Spawn" ruleset - Spawn Timers will be set to 1 second for the duration of this event.
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  • Will the x3 XP multiplier work properly on Hero Starfighters?

    Or will it give out less XP than normal due to the bugged system?
  • SA? pass
  • Starfighter Assault? What’s that? I had forgotten about it since it’s been ignored for so long, would love a coop mode of it so I don’t constantly get spawn trapped by level gazillions with all purple cards
  • Love this. Just leave it this way.
  • Love this. Just leave it this way.

    Truthfully this. The progression is so painfully slow in SA it's terrible for new players. Granted I'm have all my regular ships maxed out, no new player will get hooked because of the difficulty getting into it at level 1
  • The only problem I could think of is that heroes aren’t available often enough.
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  • Unwarycoin wrote: »
    The only problem I could think of is that heroes aren’t available often enough.

    Okay, if they boosted the reinforcement count and increase the amount of damage an objective could take, Starfighter assault would be perfect for me.
    Never forget
  • Oidmetala wrote: »
    Hopefully that will fill up starfighter assault servers. I like that mode and would like to enjoy it this weekend again.

    You will also be enjoying the loading screen bug that I assume also happens in SFA. But it’s apparently a PC minority problem, not worth acknowledging or fixing.

  • I just might take a break from Jedi Fallen Order...... until I get trap spawned every 1 sec now LOL
  • grimmace2 wrote: »
    While I enjoy the fast spawn and 3xXP events, if you really want to drive more traffic to the modes, there should really be maps added and a rework of Hero SA.

  • Loved the fast spawn and extra hero ships. Now if we could only get this
    grimmace2 wrote: »
    -there should really be maps added -
    Starfighter Assault definitely needs more maps-

    Well to be honest it needs more variation. It gets redundant after a while. Possible missions could be:
    (1.) Defend or Destroy the Deathstar.
    (2.) Defend or Destroy a heavily armored convoy crossing the Geonosis desert.
    (3.) Pursue or evade forces while asteroids are coming at you (like 3-D style), think "Empire Strikes Back".
    (4.) The Battle over Naboo between Naboo N-1 Starfighter and the Droid Army with the Lucrehulk Droid Ship
    (5.) Bomb or defend an Imperial Stronghold on Endor.
    (6.) Space Cargo - Each side tries to claim the enemies cargo.
    (7.) Fight the Battle of "Return of the Jedi" in front of Deathstar 2.

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    Baby Yoda is love, Baby Yoda is life.

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  • Is the 3xXP active??
  • AW_Cramer wrote: »
    Is the 3xXP active??

    It was yesterday, and it tripled all Battle points too!
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  • Weird. Its not saying Triple XP on the after match scorecard
  • It’s not 3XP in my PS4.
  • PorchWar wrote: »
    It’s not 3XP in my PS4.

    Yeah i'm also in ps4
  • What happened to the 3XP ????? Gone as of 12 midnight GMT/BST - XBOX ONE - Europe...... it was there earlier today and all was well...... OH NO not another mess Stanley
  • AW_Cramer
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    edited November 2019
    I'll be [removed] if it's messed up. I just spent a whole evening playing SA
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  • Was kind of looking forward to playing this because if I’m going to be fodder for the good pilots I might as well get 3XP for it. But alas.
  • What a botched event, should get another weekend of this as a sorry
  • it never ends with this game and dev crew
  • I dont expect many points since I suck at starfighter assault, so it seemed fine.
  • It's all working for me. I've been leveling like crazy tonight.
  • Where is the Triple XP? I have been playing since yesterday night and haven't received it
  • Well theres no way the 3xXP was working for me last night. I only levelled up my various fighters 2 levels in 4 hours of play
  • Three hours of play and no triple xp the whole time, this is isn’t being talked about anywhere so a little communication would be nice
  • No 3x XP. Well done...
  • dont think Criterion works on this game any more so goodluck with new SFA content
  • I cant even connect... EA server down or something
  • I played four matches was in top three in each and only leveled once on my fighter and twice on hero ships... Seriously doubt 3x is working. On PS4. Regardless was nice to play a few full lobbies again.
  • Seems okay on XBOX ONE. Just doesn't announce the "Triple XP Bonus" in the yellow writing at the end of matches, as it should. This is a bug we had always gets dodgy after the first day of triple XP for some reason. I can level up okay now using an XBOX ONE. They should extend it by a day for all the confusion this causes I think. For sure...
  • I demand my Triple XP on Xbox
  • Not working at all for me. I have been playing Hero Starfighters all week anyway and can't see any difference. Switched to SA to see if that worked, came in the top five but only levelled up as usual. I'm on PS4 and was really looking forward to this as it is tough to find games on double xp wednesdays as everyone is playing heroes vs villains.
  • Not getting 3xp at all on PC :(
  • Must be PS4 then.... you should get compensated....
  • I can confirm fast spawn but no x3 xp is reported to me nor does it feel like it.
  • JMaster wrote: »
    Can you just make the fast spawn the regular spawn for all modes, please? Thank you...

    It seems the triple do ended on my last match, but fast spawn was still active!
    Never forget
  • JohnnyBNL
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    edited November 2019
    The event runs till the 25th, but I don't get 3XP anymore.
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