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Jedi Fallen Order Force Echoes and Other Questions (Spoliers)

So, I returned from
Ordo Eris
and got to Kashyyyk, and right outside the ship is a helmet with a force echo, but after trying to sense it twice it wasn’t added to BD-1’s databank. Is that supposed to happen? I also have two questions.
1. How many Force Echoes are in the game, and are those counted towards 100% exploration?
2. For planets that can’t be revisited, are there any scan logs that can be missed and is it possible to not 100% it’s holomap?
I asked these questions before, but I’d still like a second opinion.
Never forget


  • I found a video from PS4Trophies and the guy didn’t get a data log either, which is what I wanted to know. (Unfortunately, since I saw some Fallen Order videos I am now spoiled on the final boss because of my recommendations)

    I have another question, however
    if a bounty hunter defeats me, will I get to go back to Ordo Eris?
    Never forget
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