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I miss Star Wars Battlefront (2015) for some reason



  • still just want dlc walker assaults on bespin and scariff offline...
  • still just want dlc walker assaults on bespin and scariff offline...

    Yeah it’s sad those great dlc maps along with a few others will be gone when the servers go down. Wish they would port an slightly improved version of 15 to next gen.
  • BF2015 is the better game and better Star Wars experience imo. Even with 'only' the OT era, it felt more complete. It felt more like Star Wars. It sounded like it, looked like it, played like it. Nothing will come close to that game's Jakku demo in getting me excited for a Star Wars game from EA. Felt like an actual Star Wars battle. People were all over the place. AT-ST's shooting us. Using AT-ST's and shooting at them. Flying X-wings and Tie Fighters and crashing. Throwing those thermal imploders that made my surround sound jump for joy along with me.

    Then the full game dropped and I got to use so many weapons. My T-21's, EE-3, RT-97C, E-11, A280, DH-17, SE-14C, Relby etc. Heroes felt powerful but weren't spammed. They weren't made of paper either. You could enter a room and make a difference, not just die from some goofy sentry or two guys with grenades. Objectives weren't chokepoints. Walker Assault stayed good no matter how many times you played the same map. There were awesome small modes. Drop Zone, Cargo, Extraction, HvV, Hero Hunt, even Blast was fun. I can't tell you how many games of Drop Zone I played. I can't tell you how many Walker Assault games I played. I can't tell you how much Rebel Scum I AT-AT'ed and orbital striked! Where's my turbo lasers? Where's my placed trooper turrets? I even prefer the bacta bomb to the officer health boost. There was a trooper only mode for those who hate heroes. There was even hero hunt for those that wanted to just blast up Luke and his annoying voice lines.

    BF2017 has none of that. It's just repetitive chokepoints and weak small game modes like strike. GA is like a mash-up of Walker Assault and Turning Point and Supremacy. CS takes an hour to finish and has nearly no objective play. Matchmaking is garbage in this game. It's always a steamroll one side or the other. Balance is like 25% of the matches you play. HvV is boring and repetitive with map abusers and constant ragdolling. Stuns are too abundant, heroes aren't matched up evenly. Lightsabers kill you in 4 strikes. Blocks don't work half the time. You can't block force abilities and blaster fire at the same time. Abilities are broken. Abilities don't work on command. Abilities break other's abilities (Palpatine's Dark Aura). If BF2015 were more populated, I'd just play that instead but the dlc maps are basically ghost towns.
  • vonVile
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    TC, its because 2015 is the superior game.
    • Vast variety of weapons
    • No Class system limiting player choice in weapons and Star Cards
    • Power Up weapons
    • Weapon load outs allowing players to change tactics mid-game based on situation
    • Balanced game play
    • Better maps
    • No broken Heroes

    All DICE had to do with BF2 was copy BF1 and change the tokens to BP, but they instead screwed up and completely overhauled game's mechanics taking out what made BF1 fun to play.
  • vonVile wrote: »
    • Vast variety of weapons
    • No Class system limiting player choice in weapons and Star Cards
    • Power Up weapons
    • Weapon load outs allowing players to change tactics mid-game based on situation
    • Balanced game play
    • Better maps
    • No broken Heroes

    I agree with you in those.

  • Genin
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    I miss some maps and walker assault. I also loved to pilot starfighters in big modes, in bf2 they are limited to some GS maps and phases. Sadly, any in capital supremacy :(

    Most of all I miss the death star dlc, it was a lot of fun!!

    But overall I prefer battlefront 2 gameplay. Starfighters improved the gameplay A LOT (but unfortunately they lack in contents), I like much more shooting with infantry and the ttk (too low in bf 2015, perfect in battlefront 2 2017).
    I prefer also heroes gameplay. And I like the reinforcements (even if I would like more customizations in weapons and extetic).

    The battlepoints system it has been a HUGE IMPROVEMENT, even if it's not perfect (people camping in the menù). it is so much better than pick random (not even so much random) icons on the battlefield, I hated that in battlefront 2015, it was a very bad idea.
  • For those who loved the DS dlc, it still goes, especially on ps4 most night, had some excellent games of battlestation last night including one where someone took r2d2 into the hangar extraction point but fell down into a lower pit and we then can't get him out 😂😂😂

    Always wondered why dice didnt patch that nonsense out, or give r2d2 jets to fly a wee bit
  • I would literally pay full price for another dlc or for them to add new maps to WA, DZ, Cargo, HvV, and so on.
  • Two words: Cycler Rifle. That thing is a beauty
    PSN: this_old_mouse
  • I miss Jawas from the original battlefront
    I Hear Voices In My Head, They Council Me, They Understand, They Talk To Me
  • I miss:
    - T-21 rifle.
    - Pulse cannon.
    - Cycler rifle.
    - All skins for stormtroopers and rebels.
    - Smoke grenade.
    - Disruptor rifle.
    - That HvV.

  • I miss

    -Walker Assault
    -Drop Zone
    -Twilight on Hoth
    -T-21, EE-3/4, DH-17, CA-87 and RT-97C with focus fire
    -All Tattooine maps
    -Shadow Trooper skin
  • The epic homing shot
  • Played battlestation last night, on the final part, dunno how he done it but one of the trench runners had red 5 as well and it was constant shield, it never dropped once, i followed him for ages not shooting or anything and his shield never dropped once

    Not the worst issue except the rebels only had one more checkpoint to blow up the death star yet he wouldnt do it as the only trench runner left, so the game was essentially into overtime for goodness knows how long as i loaded into that part of the game

    A lot of people had to quit as it was going nowhere, kinda sucky when someone does that
  • AW_Cramer
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    So I finally played BF1 for the first time and I must say it feels sooo different. The first thing right off the bat that made a difference was no health regen (that or it was very slow to kick in!), and no forward or backward roll!! I also died a lot and very quickly compared to BF2... maybe its cos I just need to adjust to the Bf1 mechanics. Also doesnt help that I have limited options for blasters and star cards in the beginning...

    I LOVE the different maps

    Starfighter play is also really different with no zoom in targeting.

    Hero play: I kinda like how you randomly get one and the no dash makes blocking so important in this version! Also was very weird having different abilities for Vader and Luke for example. HATE HATE having them in Extraction though... totally ruins that mode!

    I still need to play more I only had time to play a few games of Supremacy and Extraction. I need to get into a few games of Walker Assault...

    Overall I like it but I can see how BF2 improved on certain things and also fell short on others...

    (also so glad to see some full lobbies!)
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  • OoiiHooked_22
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    Don’t miss at all ,stopped after a month or 2
  • Ppong_Man12
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    Two words: Cycler Rifle. That thing is a beauty

    Another thing we’re missing in this game I would love to have back, so fun to use.
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