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EA presents Star Wars - Bounty Hunter???

Welcome to the furthest reaches of the outer rim, where the scum of the galaxy fight it out for the greatest bounties in the Star Wars Universe. Collect your bounty tracker and off you go.

Idea: Play as your favourite bounty hunter or create your own with customiseable abilities, armour and weaponry.
Travel across an open universe to capture and return bounties, but all is not that easy. Play against multiple opponents and rival bounty hunters to secure your prey and payment.

Upgrade your ship for in space battles against other bounty hunters and foes.

Play in either a full on action packed story mode or online in open universe along side or against other players in set bounty hunts.

Choose to be part of a guild or invite others to join yours. But beware you might become the one with the bounty on your head and have to fight off other players in order to survive.

Choose from a selection of switchable play styles, ie: Stealth, Gunslinger and more in order to complete objectives.

Team up and battle classic Star Wars foes in online assault wars, bounty hunters versus the Star Wars Universe.

Collect and trade classic Star Wars ships to add to your loot or use on selective missions.

If anyone else would like to add to this idea please leave a reply.


  • Wow...Not a bad idea. I would totally check it out.
    Baby Yoda is the absolute greatest character Disney has created.

    Baby Yoda is love, Baby Yoda is life.

    OOM-9 For Battlefront 2

  • All good except for the EA presents part.
  • As a fan of the original bounty hunter game I enjoy the concept but this leaves open way too big of a space for more monetized madness from EA. I’d rather have no more online Star Wars games at all honestly if they are just going to keep botching them in the name of predatory practices. Nothing is better than constant dissatisfaction at this point
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