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All maps should be offline anybody left to support this?

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edited November 2019
this game has so many awesome maps that arent available offline. the developers should take consideration to add these to battle mode. not only the dlc maps from death star (2-3 maps) scariff beach and jungle, bespin administrators palace, freeze chamber, outer rim garage, palace, pipelines and refinery, but also sulfer fields, imperial hanger sullust, swamps endor, badlands, and rebel base hoth. so many not to mention fighter squadron and walker assault dlc maps (3more walker assault and 4 more fighter squadron). this game would offer endless variety if this was implemented. it would be a damn amazing game. i know im nearly 5 years late but this game is awesome and should be added to before its eventual online demise.
add ai to the maps, ignore the coin battle cinematics and just allow player hands in the new coin battles, the coin battle ai just spawn kinda randomly anyway how difficult could it be?

im just begging dice and ea to add one last expansion to this game, the offline expansion. it would be profitable, cant they see people want a single player experience even just looking at the success of fallen order. the game just has so much content locked behind waiting screens for nearly 5 days of the week. 52 weeks a year and i can access the dlc on maybe 150 days of 365 days a year, less than half the year and even less than that considering you have to be online at the right hours. the game isnt dead but if I have a video game most of the content should be accessible.

can I get some support from the forum users and consideration from the developers?

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  • d0kRX
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    I agree with you, but of course this will not happen. EA does not care about BF2015.
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  • d0kRX wrote: »
    I agree with you, but of course this will not happen. EA does not care about BF2015.

    yeah... but im not ready to give it up just yet. ill go to the grave trying to fight for more offline.

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