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HvV. Please don't Boot Me, I'm not being Idle I'm taking a Wizz!

Can you please come up with another Patch to fix the reduced time between HvV matches; I need to take a wizz before getting booted. It's bad enough the game takes so long to load.

Also, can you also pretty please, add Next Map title on Character Selection screen; HvV.

I don't want any Nerfs, but the Light Side is getting Owned Big time by Dark. Fix it.

It's Christmas. Thanks.


  • I disagree. I don't want to wait minutes in between rounds.
  • Quit the game, take a potty break, then come back and matchmake. Lobbies get mixed up between every other match anyways, so you aren't exactly going to stay in one single lobby much longer anyways.

    If you afk, get booted, and leave my team 3v4 in HvV then we are at a pretty significant disadvantage especially if the enemy team isn't a bunch of potatoes.
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