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December CC

Balancing for Both Infantry and Heroes

Hello. I've been trying to unlock all of the weapons for the infantry classes (which I would've had done a long time ago if it weren't for my kills being reset for all of those challenges). Recently I've been trying to unlock the TL-50 for the heavy class, so I've been playing blast, just trying to get kills. What I'm frustrated about is that in a game mode with only infantry and special classes, every single person on the enemy team except for one was playing as a special class. So I only got 6 kills one game because I was dying every single time I spawned to an over powered flame trooper or super battle droid. If balancing these troops isn't possible then I'd at least like to suggest a game mode that only has the four normal classes available. Also heroes vs villains just isn't fun when all four people on the enemy team are targeting each person one at a time. It's not even worth playing any hero with a blaster because there's hardly any chance at all against a person with a lightsaber. It'd be nice if there was some balancing between blaster heroes and lightsaber heroes. It would also be nice to have a 1v1 hero game mode so that you could actually have a quality battle instead of being kicked in the head by four sith lords at the same time. I don't know if anyone will see or care about my suggestions, but if you do, thank you for giving it some attention.
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