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Ideas for 2020

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Whenever I see these kinds of threads, the ask for a million things, most of them being unreasonable to implement. My goal is to keep ideas simple with hopes of a few of them being considered.

1. What I like to call, "Tracking Missiles".
If you've played HvV recently, you understand this pattern: 4 people getting together, eliminating straggling heroes who never band together and take over. These 4 heroes can easily take out any single person because of lightsaber spam.

Spamming your lightsaber moves you closer to your target (Sometimes significantly) while dealing damage. Spammer vs Pro, however, pro will always win. 4 spammers vs 1 pro is a bit different. Blocking stamina is quickly drained at you die.

This could be fixed if attacking stamina is reduced, AND the distance a player moves with each swing is reduced,

2. Starfighter/Galactic assault combo
A prime example (in the movies) for this is the battle over scarif in rogue one. Starships battle, then ground forces battle. I like the starfighters, but I prefer ground fighting/heroes. A way to combine everything may be a desirable gamemode.

3. Punishments for leaving a match early
In heroes vs villains specifically, people get upset after there are 10 kills on one side, and 0 on the other. I understand, but quitting only makes the match worse. Giving the remaining team member an even lower chance to come back.

A system that warns, then deals out 24 hour bans to specific gamemodes would be helpful. Of course, there would need to be a certain number of quits.

4. Balances
There is a very clear ranking of heroes and villains, as well as reinforcements. I know this because I am very good at most of them. :D
Anakin: Too powerful, high damage, high health, powerful abilities, high "Tacking Missile" amount...
Obiwan: Unblockable mind trick, powerful push
Clone jet trooper: High damage
Cone commando: High aoe damage
Palpatine: High stamina, high damage, hard to block attacks, unblockable "aura"
Bosk: High aoe, too much for long hallways.

5. Some map choosing system
I don't care if it's servers to chose from, or voting on maps -- Some way to pick maps you enjoy over ones you don't would be awesome.

6. Leaderboard for CO-OP
There are 4 people put in a 5 person leaderboard, it bothers me everytime. Either put top AI in that 5 slot, or make a custom leaderboard that fits 4 people nicely

7. Show deaths in HvV
No reason behind this one. It would be cool to see some kill death ratios though,

8. Speeder buffs
Speeders were at one point too powerful, I could get excessive kill streaks for 150 points. They've been nerfed into the most useless troop in the game.

I'd love to hear opinions.
9. Melee Class
A class that is really only good at a close range. Should be very fast, have the ability to block raged attacks (To a certain degree, of course)
Seperatists: Grievous's minions
* Spin attack (Similar to grievous unrelenting advance)
* Charge attack (Runs towards enemy quickly)
* Duel (Bonus damage to the targeted enemy)
Empire: Shock Trooper
* Stunning Potential (A strike that stuns enemy)
* Unblocking Power Attack (Similar to anakin's passionate strike)
* Duel (Bonus damage to the targeted enemy)
First Order: Shock trooper/Executioner
* Swing attack (Swings weapon in circle, dealing high damage within that radius)
* Execute (Unblockable high damage attack)
* Duel (Bonus damage to the targeted enemy)
Lightside: Jedi (Great opportunity for skins here)
* Push (Short range of course)
* Pull (Even shorter range)
* Charge attack (Charges in towards target)

The goal here is to give troopers a chance to fight heroes without being murdered instantly. The ability to block a few attacks is essential to this class's success. Otherwise, the short range abilities won't be enough to make this trooper useful.
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