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Chewbacca's New Grenade

I think Chewie should have a different grenade. I think it should be a cluster grenade instead of shock.
1. I does a base damage of 180-220 it can be tweaked
2. The star card for multi shock can do the same thing
3. 2nd star card increased blast radius 10%-15%-20%-25%
4. 3rd star can do increase damage 5-10-15-20 can be tweaked
This can be tweak and/or change I just want Chewbacca to be more assault instead of hiding behind a worthless stun grenade. I have never seen him use a stun grenade in any movie, tv show, or game until this one. I just feel like he could be better then he is now.


  • He doesn't normally have Sith Lords chasing him down trying to kill him in the movies either. However it would be nice to have star cards to change his grenades from stun as you stated for different gameplay techniques. I've been wanting unique star cards for quite a while.
  • Equinox
    128 posts Member
    edited December 2019
    Yeah I like Chewbacca, but just how they made him in this game I feel like he could be better. My first though when I see Chewbacca is stun user. I just don't think a stun ability suits the "mighty" Chewbacca. I want to feel intimidated when I see him. I blame that stun grenade for making him a push over. He just needs something to make him better. So I thought a new grenade could be a start.
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