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Map Choosing in Battlefront 2

Alright, here it is, something that has been bugging me out in Battlefront 2 is that compared to the first one, you can't choose which map you would like to play in, for example, when you wanted to play HvV you could click square and hit the map you wanted to be in, but now, when you want to find a map you want like let's say Geonosis in the Separatist Ship you would have to try to join a game and then click to get out since you wanted another map, but then you find Geonosis and you get sent to Tripa Hive, while this may not seem like a huge issue, there are some maps that are more fun than others and people sometimes want to play in a specific map, just a recommendation. I also wish that the Death Star (First one) and Scarif DLCs from the first game got ported over.... I miss the Trench Run....
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