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December CC

Anakin & Obi-wan re-model

I remember how excited I got when I heard you were able to play as Obi-wan and then also Anakin. However, as great as it plays out, I still feel like i'm missing a more 'movie-like' resemblance of the characters from the movies.

Here you have a comparison:



Now i've noticed that others have spoken of it aswell, and since it's a good game it's sad it has this minor flaw. You've managed to hit the spot on almost all the characters when trying to make them resemble characters from the movies.

Thus I must implore, nay beg you for this change. It would be much apreciated, I think from alot of fans.

- May the force be with you, and thanks for keeping this game updated with new and fresh things to do each year.
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