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Patterns on Star Wars Saga: 3rd movie of each trilogy...

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PT: The Revenge of The SIth TROS. Siths after millenia, come back and almost destroy the Jedi, their nemesis in the Force, using Anakin Skywalker, the most powerful jedi of all times, as a tool to fulfill the objective.

OT: The Return of The Jedi TROJ. Jedis reborn but... does this happen in the person of Luke Sywalker, Anakin's son, or is it on the person of Anakin himself, redeemed and back to the light side?

ST: The Rise of The Skywalker TROS. The circle is closed by the same hand that started to draw it thousands of years before, the hand of The Force. Will the Skywalker spirit prevail?(not the Jedi, because they failed) . Will be in form of a person (Kylo)? Or will it live as a will in a group of ppl?

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