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Hunt Mode Concept: Battle of Umbara

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edited December 2019
So we got the CT for the first December 2019 Update and whille reading what comes with the Update i got a little excited of one ARC Tropper Skin in particular the "Umbara" Operative Skin. Sadly i soon had to find out i misread it and it said UMBRA Operative but this little mistake got me an idea for a new hunt mode. lots of people speculated about a new hunt mode coming for halloween 2019 so maybe we could get something like tthis for 2020.

I thought about a new clone wars era based hunt mode i simply call "Battle of Umbara". Umbara is a very dark planet and could create the same atmosphere as endor in ewok hunt and would have fit the "terror" coming in the october update. In this new hunt mode i thought about a 20 v 2x10.

Like in the Umbara arc in star wars the clone wars i imagine 20 player playing as the umbarans and 10 as clones the 501th and the other 10 as clones of the 212th. the objetive for the clones is to complete certain objetives similar to the story in CW in a certain time and attack the last objective together while the umbaran team has to stop them from doing that and hold them of until time runs out for the clones.

If the developers read this topic maybe they could create something like this for october 2020 if they like this idea.
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