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The game feels really clunky and unresponsive atm!

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Or is it just me? Characters turn very slowly, saber hits don’t register or my block is not doing its job. Dashing also takes forever.


  • Yeah it ALWAYS been like that though.......

    Gameplay always seems to get worse a week or two before they update the game. It's like they modified the servers/parameters/or something to be ready for the new update and it's already affecting the gameplay. Like they have done the server side updates first a few weeks before and then they go about doing the console side updates during the week they push the update.

    Either that or the live servers and/or the Frostbite engine is unstable and is constantly deteriorating every few weeks to a month.

    I have always noticed that lag, responsiveness, and mystery bugs start changing or appearing a week or two before EVERY update that has come out.

    Yes I do notice the exact thing that your talking about. I noticed sometime during the last week or so it would take forever for your character to turn around to where your looking at. I've already requested 180 degree turn to see enemy behind me but it's like it's a few ms delayed. Must be taking plays from Google Stadia at this point.


    Something is definitely wrong with their "netcode" and the games responsiveness is slowing down with every update.

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