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Why are transport vehicles like LAAT’s and Droid Gunships not reinforcements?

We have starfighters, and I’m holding out hope one day we will have more content for it, but why not introduce aerial and ground transport vehicles to fill a helicopter/truck role as in the battlefield games? I miss being a battle taxi in the old games!


  • I'm more concerned that the LAAT is so weak being on rails still......they could at least have taken it off rails and given it starfighter controls. Seems like a super easy thing to do. Copy bomber starfighter class create a new starfighter class with that bomber class, then copy LAAT 3D model onto that new class swap abilities DONE!

    If people worry about that being too Op, then they could add the Hailfire droid, with anti-air and ground missiles for the droids to counter the LAAT.

  • Legit just played BF2 (2005) Flying a LAAT is lit. We need it here
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  • CT_93921
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    I'm more concerned that the LAAT is so weak being on rails still

    It is almost useless, it’s difficult to hit anything but large vehicles. Considering it’s past roles it’s sad to see the state it’s in
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