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Grand Army Of The Republic Is on the rise and NEEDS you! (ps4,xbox,PC)

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keep getting wrecked or frustrated with the horrid 4 man HvV teams?
want some simple or complex strategies when playing galactic assault / CS, or have you just been wanting to talk to some people whilst slicing battle droids in half?
Galactic Republic needs you!
were an active healthy group on all consoles, but are looking for active ps4 players!
we take on many game modes and play with a competitive edge & a whole lot of fun, were friendly and right now just a small group of us play so were looking to expand!
For those looking for a more in depth star wars team experience, we have a discord that is structured around players you want to play with , regiments falling into specific battalion classes you and your friends can all be apart of. Play with the favorite skins on your troopers with a squad that all look alike!
-all various consoles this applies to!
feel free to check out our discord:
if you just want to add me on psn its-> Thibsman
Or, if you cant get to me as fast as you'd like try adding-> Obiwantcannoli
just put a message in the request in regards to this forum post so we have kind of a heads up.
look forward to hearing from all, and may the force be with you!
PSN-> CC_Rex-7567jnk7q16k210h.jpg
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