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1-4 players (on same console) arcade/offline mode and more.

Okay to start off battlefront 2 is amazing, I love the first person action packed game. However, it’s not very offline user friendly. While online multiplayer is fun sometimes I would rather play with people I know on the same console preferably my brother and sister, due to only 2 players tho they are constantly switching turns to go into versus mode against or co-op with me. I would love if you could make it 1-4 players on solo arcade mode. I also would like it for instant action because it’s difficult fighting grievous, count dooku, Maul, and a ton of droids at once with only a couple AI clones and you being only hero. Also for instant action being able to play as empire/rebellion or first order/ resistance would also be nice. Also for solo mode/instant action it would be nice if you could create battles like the ones in multiplayer (again with 1-4 player mode). (Examples: Defeating/controlling the At-M6s that are storming the Craig base, piloting machines/ aircraft to fight other machines/aircraft and droids/clones, etc.)
Some ideas for heroes would be:
-Qui Gon

Basically if you could make single player/console/offline mode be able to play with more then 2 players on the same console and make it more like multiplayer mode I would greatly appreciate it. It’s just hard to afford game-passes (I play on x-box constantly and sometimes I would like to play with more then one person that I know then a bunch of strangers) Other then that I think the game is amazing! Keep up the great work and I hope to play this game for many many years!


  • Also for another like support/assault character for first order you could do a knight of ren (it could have multiple skins each being a different knight of ren from the movie) then you’d have Sith trooper, flame trooper, jet-pack/ jump trooper (love what y’all did with the first order jet pack trooper), and then knight of ren. Also some new worlds/maps that would be great for ground battle are:
    Mustafar: First order vs resistance
    Exegol: First order vs resistance
    Kijimi: First order vs resistance
    Endor/crashed Death Star: First order vs resistance

    As for aerial maps you could do:
    Exegol: (where Poe and the resistance fight the “Final order”)
  • hosco33
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    edited January 12
    Until we have 5G, every game must be designed offline-first. Even more, having low latencies does not prevent you to wait other players wanting to play the game so you can play, but also some vices like premades vs randoms or even hackers.

    Games will be appreciated if they can be played despite above inconveniences, besides playing with people we know is a pleasant experience.
  • It will make the game amazing!!
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