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When will we get offline DLC maps for Batttlefront 2015 ?!

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edited December 2019
We want more offline content !


  • maybe you'd have better luck on twitter? bf2015 forums never seem to work at getting developer attention.
  • I would love to see the DLC in offline, maybe if EA just did this one thing there would be more players who would play the game. You can hardly find an open online lobby.
    Yeah, you know who I am...
  • BF1 2015 was a glorified DEMO, but it did have some great maps as DLC, especially Scariff.
    I have contacted Ben Walke, EA Star Wars and EA Dice in MANY occasions, but they have NEVER replied. It seems that offline players are almost irrelevant to them. They literally threw us a bone by adding ANY offline content at all.
    I’ve just been forced to pay an extra £30 for the “celebration“ update of BF2 on top of the £79 I paid originally for half a game, just so I could access the extra skins and content. I couldn’t unlock anything before, because we can’t earn credits at the same rate when playing offline.
    So EA’s promise of “free updates” was a lie, unless your a full-time gamer and can spend all day playing online.
    Not to mention that there has been no additional campaign content since the Iden Versio story, that started great, then returned with a MASSIVE hole in the middle of it, before killing it off!
    On top of all that, we STILL don’t have a full set of characters from ANY era in the sage or spin-offs, and we STILL
    I love the idea of what this game COULD be, but I HATE EA, for what their pure greed has wrought!
  • Batman20
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    edited December 2019
    I doubt this will ever happen but what they should do is make the season pass free that way it’s easier to find games on the dlc maps. I spend ages trying to find a match in scarif but yet can find a game quickly on launch maps. If the dlc was free maybe it would be easy to play all the dlc content as well
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