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[SWBF 2 - PC] Player LF fun/tactical players

I am looking for players or a community of fun people to play with.
I like to take a more tactical approach and play certain roles to help my team.

I am in EU but I usually play pretty late so I can also play on US time zone.

See you on the battlefront!

Origin ID: jefko
Discord: MrJefko#0478


  • Hiho!

    A few of us from AOD has added you on origin and discord, lets chitchat! :D
  • Hey there! I'm from the 327th Star Corps. I'm not sure if you're more of a PvP or PvE player, but if you are PvE, feel free to check us out! I've also added you on Discord, so if you're interested, we can talk there.
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