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Galactic Conquest BF2 2017 Web App

I just made a web app that lets you play the Galactic Conquest mode from Battlefront 2 2005 with the the 2017 version, using Instant Action and Custom Arcade. You run the web app on a separate device and when it starts a battle you play it on the console/pc of your choice. Then you tell it if you won the battle or not. It also has bonuses that make use of the Instant Action and Arcade custom game options. This is the first release, so please be on the lookout for any bugs and email me a detailed description!


  • Man... congratulations, this is just awesome. I just Discovery your work and I've playing the game with your app... Amazing, man.

    If hoy don't mind, I would share It with my friends.

    Pd: at the moment, there are only prequel Maps un IA. But using arcade custom maybe your app could work also for OT and ST.
    Pd2: Again, awesome. You make my day, man.
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