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[PC] 327th Star Corps Recruiting for Tactical CO-OP (PvE Players: WE WANT YOU!)

About Us
- We are a new group, just created to enjoy the newly released co-op content. If you are tired of just running around blasting people in PvP, or if you are tired of your squadmates running all over the place in Co-op, then this is the place for you.
- We do have a rank structure. All members will join as a Clone cadet. Once you have chosen and designation (name) and a class, you will automatically be promoted to Clone trooper.
- Once you have chosen a class, you sill stick to that class unless given permission.
- The officer class must be approved.
- SOF units: Anyone can apply to become Special Forces (ARC/Commando). Limited slots.
- We want this group to try to be as immersive as possible. If you do not agree with any of these rules, then this is not the group for you.
- Custom Discord icon available for your selected class
- Currently looking for SOF/officers. PM if interested.
- If you want to create your own custom squad with your friends, it is possible.
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