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Community Update Video - The Rise of Skywalker

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  • Time for a rebirth of Battlefront
  • Fayenwolf
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    edited December 2019
    I'm hoping we can get some more more star-fighter content soon. At best 1rst quarter of 2020. It seems to be something a lot of players in the community have been consistently asking and hoping for. I didn't expect it in the December update as TROS content was a given, but it's a game mode I don't want to see die off. There is tons of great maps and rich SW content to choose from to give us new Starfighter maps and modes. Here are some simple, but great places to start.

    1. Clone Wars: Battle over Coruscant - The Battle of Saleucami.
    2. Galactic Civil War: Death Star I - Death Star II - Scariff Space Battle - Battle over Jakku.
    3. Sequel Era: StarKiller Base (1rst phase space - 2nd phase atmo) - TROS final space battle.

    We would be eternally grateful! Not only that, but for those players that play BFII mainly for Starfighter modes (ftr I play both but prefer Starfighter mode) the player base would absolutely re-surge with the release of new SF content and that news getting out with new trailers and teasers! Thanks for hearing our feedback and may the Force be with you, always.
  • More SA content would be awesome, just not expecting anything.
  • If nothing else, new MAPS would be amazing for Starfighter Assault. I know Criterion were the developers for that game mode, but surely you can reuse assets to create new maps? Since you guys are keen on Sequel content for now, The Battle of Exegol would be perfect. Other awesome map ideas would be The Battle Of Coruscant for prequels and Battle of Endor (Death Star) for OT. Please, something to consider. I know it would bring more traffic to the game mode, which is desperately needed.
  • Everyone wants galactic assault. A SUPRISE TO BE SURE BUT A WELCOME ONE
  • Can you make new content on starfight? this mode is very promising. putting a new map or piloting is dangerous with difficult passages or flying debris like the debris star of the death map or a mode which calls on the piloting skill as in the movies. Anyway work on it plz dont let it die
  • Exegol would be an awesome battle for SA.If we can't get a trench run, let's get some Exogol craziness!
  • Nice job, EA! Your video was so much better than the actual movie!
  • I could name 10+ hero's that would be 100x better then BB-8 and BB-9E. Also add a custom game mode so I can 1v1 friends or 2v2 friends as hero's. I don't understand why you guys havent added that in this game when you have custom games in almost all of your other games (Battlefield, and previous Battlefront).
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