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CS: Command Post Upgrades, More Features, etc.

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Command posts are plain jane right now, and could be spruced up to help the ground phase progress without feeling stale, and to help progression in general (i.e. it's easy to get stuck when the enemy has captured key command posts). Smaller objectives within the match, would be an idea. While the bulk of players are focusing on capturing command posts, seasoned squads can work together to complete small side missions, essentially, to make it easier to capture command posts. It would make squads feel like special forces, or strike teams, among the battle.

The center most command post of each map can be a Defensive Hub. It has a console that activates a large shield around the command post. The shield has a set amount of health (nothing crazy, just enough to hold up against a tank for a short conversation). If the shield is destroyed, it will regenerate after a set cool down. There are also power supplies that can be sabotaged (after sabotaging, you must defend it for X seconds, lest it be diffused) to permanently remove the shield... they can be scattered around the objective. You can earn a small amount of BP for each power source you sabotage. If the match returns to the ground phase, this objective will be refreshed (you need to sabotage it again).
  • Imagine sending a few specialists into the defensive hub to deactivate the shield for a moment. Enough time for the tank to unleash its rain of explosives before they are able to
  • Imagine having to leave the objective zone to disarm a bomb on the power supply. What if its the last power supply! Small details like this would add to the gameplay experience in a huge way.
  • What if sabotaging the power supply was a distraction! After they leave to disarm, you can swoop in and take control of the Defensive Hub. There are so many strategies you could use, if only you had a simple element like a shielded command post.

    Each side of the map gets an Offensive Hub. It is NOT a command post. Rather, it is used as an optional side objective, and protects the spawn point. Its equipped with multiple usable turrets, and automatic ion turrets that can be sabotaged. This will help keep tanks and other vehicles away from spawn points unless the ion turrets are sabotaged. The regular turrets will remain for general protection of the spawn point. (teams just camp the enemy spawn sometimes. It is a valid, and very effective, strategy, but incredibly unsportsmanlike imo. The offensive hub would still allow this strategy, but makes it more difficult, and adds another layer of effort before being able to do so. Should it come to it, these turrets will allow for quicker recapturing of the spawn area).
    • Offensive Hubs could include transports, that players spawn INSIDE of, and walk out of when ready. This will help prevent specialists from picking off people/AI who JUST spawned ( Transport ships would allow you to spend BP too, without having to die or respawn.
    • Ion Turrets are deactivated with a console maybe? The match starts with the ion turrets off. Turning them on only activates them for X seconds, and must be activated as needed.
    • You can permanently sabotage ion turrets, like the Defensive Hub Shield??
    Maybe some command posts are equipped with one-time-use weapons that respawn ever so often, or after returning to the ground phase.

    Anything to help mix things up, because constantly having to stay in objective zones gets repetitive, not that it isnt still fun (long live CS). Adding some complexity to keep enemies out of objectives zones would make it feel fresh again. Of course, there should still be plain jane command posts as well. Sometimes, less is more.
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