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[PC] Looking for clan/group to play with

Really want to get into some larger scale stuff with a legion like the 501st or 212th or any other legion that highlights milsim type play. Obviously down to play casually as it's just a video game but really in the mood to do Republic milsim type things, not sure if that stuff exists.

Discord: Thrator#5411


  • Hey men, if you like you can join community i am in Called Grand Army of the Republic in there you'll find people to play with, on all platforms, we also have Regiment/Legion and Rank up system, if you are interested here is a Discord Link: and yes, we got 501st and i am personally in 212th tho ;)
    Marshall Commander Cody Out.
  • If you are looking for a structure, fun, yet casual group, check out Imperial Ground Forces. We've been around for over 20 years in the Star Wars gaming community.

    Join our discord and check out our site

    Origin ID = IGF_TalonnD
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