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Captain Phasma's 4th Ability: Enough

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Captain Phasma's patience has reached its end. She pulls out her staff, and walks around with it in hand, punishing opponents foolish enough to get in her way. Her Chromium armor deflects blaster fire, allowing her to focus on taking out her target. Her proficiency with a staff is not to be taken lightly.

How it works:
  • Enough lasts for X seconds (like Leia's automatic rifle ability).
  • While active, her armor deflects X% of blaster fire, and she receives reduced dmg from toxins and explosions (cuz shes piiiiizzed).
  • While active, Captain Phasma walks around sassily with her staff in her hands (like in TLJ) and automatically blocks melee and ligthsabers strikes (to reduce incoming dmg).
  • While active, pressing R2 delivers heavy staff strikes. Heavy strikes always hit twice (basically her 3rd strike but without the knockdown, the animation can just mirror the third strike and go back and forth).
  • The second hit in a heavy strike spin breaks blocks (so targets have a short window to evade).
  • Heavy strikes deal 75 dmg with each hit (total of 140dmg with both hits) and drain more stamina.
  • Heavy strikes are also on a 3 strike recharge wheel, and recharge slightly slower than regular staff strikes.
  • While active, pressing L1 will continue to execute her normal staff strikes (so you can interchange staff strikes easily, making custom combos, the animation can be adjusted slightly while this ability is active to allow staff strikes to connect and flow smoothly).
  • While active, regular staff strikes are upgraded to always knock down (so a successful heavy strike opens the window for a knock down).
  • Holding L2 pulls out/aims her side arm, a small rapid fire pistol, no scope.

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