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ST New Troopers

It is nice to see the new ST troopers in this game, but wow they are weak!
I respect the fact that they didn't get released OP'd only to have to pull them back afterward, but wow they are weak.

The Caphex Spy's ROF is slower than Leah's and overheats after what? 4 shots?

The Ovission Gunner is the equivalent of a Heavy Trooper with the plasma cannon attachment, but worse! The "switch gun mode" animation takes forever and if it didn't have the health boost would be totally useless.

FO Jet Trooper is an intersting addition, but you have no control over the jet boost like the other aerials.

The only bright spot is the Sith Trooper. They seem to be the most balanced of the 4 new units.

Can you guys look at fixing the first three to make them worth while in a game.


  • All 4 new reinforcements are strong, it sounds like you just need more practice. The Caphex Spy's pistol is very deadly if you are accurate. If you are a bad shot, then I guess I can see how someone would think its a bad weapon. Its funny because I just read a post not too long ago about how OP the Ovission Gunner is, and now here you are saying she is weak.
  • >Literally the best flying class is on the FO
    >You have no control
    learn how to control it m8
  • I can understand the caphex spy but The jet trooper is the character im best at in the entire game
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