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Grand Army of the Republic is Recruiting now! [PC] [XBOX] [PS4]

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Grand Army of the Republic is Recruting, our Battlefront II community is recruiting new member's to join the conflict against the Separatist scum!

We are simply Open Clone Wars clan/community, open to any ages and any type of player's. We offer diffrent regiment's and Legion to join, Ranking up system on the Discord and great friendly community.

If you would like to join, just connect to our Discord, (Link below) and ask one of the High officials for Tags and further information.

Community rules:
1. please keep swearing to a limit we don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable because of someone's use of swear words. This goes for any other form of inappropriate language you will be warned if you step the mark
2. please do not spam any form of msg not just mentions
3. no abuse to any member of the discord other wise you will be kicked.
4. please respect other opinions and keep religious or political conversations to a minimum
5. no blaring music in the voice channels
6. if you are only in the discord to hook members into another clan then you are not welcome.

most of, have fun and enjoy your stay in the Galactic republic


Marshall Commander Cody Out.
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