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How to run faster?

Ok, I was playing infiltration in Rogue One. The last part where you need to kill people before they reach the ship (when on defense side), there was a guy running 3 times faster than everyone else. The round finished in 10 seconds, because nobody could run that fast.

Is there a hack or cheat to do that? As I know everyone is running the same speed... I’m on Xbox One by the way.


  • scout trait? theres a trait that makes you faster
  • scout trait? theres a trait that makes you faster

    Seem logic, but was way too fast. Sad that the round last 10 seconds where we weren’t able to do anything.
  • Escape artist makes you run 50% faster, that must've been it.
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  • RyanK388
    2012 posts Member
    Scout trait just silences your blaster, second rank make running undetectable third rank scrambles sensors plus all previous ranks

    Escape Artist trait increases running/sprint speed, I think the ranks were accumulative, 1st gets you 10% 2nd get you 20% and 3rd gave 30% faster speeds,
    might be higher percentages I don’t remember, last I played was when BF2 came out

    Bodyguard flat out gives you more health, by reducing damage taken.
    Ranks 1-3 grant you 10% 35% 50% damage reduced
    Berserker mirrors BG with damage while free-aiming 10% 35% 50% works great with weapons that require NO aim like ee4 Jawa blaster and DH-17 and occasionally the DL-44
  • Load the Escape Artist trait...
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