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We live for the skies and everything they hold. We are masters of respect and skill. We must up hold the law of the Jetpack! because Jetpacks are love, Jetpacks are life...

History of Jet7:
Jet7 was one of the first original clans created over 10 years ago from the original battlefront. They consisted of jet-pack infantry a.k.a Aerial mains who with their flawless skills in the sky dominated online play. Their rivals consisted of heavy infantry mains (ROD) "rockets of doom" and sniper mains (WUSI) "Worlds Ultimate Sniper Industry" Which consisted of some of the best snipers to ever touch the world of gaming. The Jet7 community contained Aerial mains who were respectful and skillful individuals who proved their worth by their skill with jet infantry and its about time we bring them back!

Conditions of Recruitment!
1. Anyone can join!
2. Members MUST have obtained every aerial card MAX RANK! (*obtained at Lvl 20 on aerial*)
3. Must be a respectful gamer!
4. Toxic behavior will not be tolerated and any toxic behavior by members will be screenshotted and reviewed by other members of the clan to discuss dismissal from clan!

6. Member Must incorporate (-jet7-) at the beginning of their in game name!
Ex: (-Jet7- Foshizzle) - My ign

6. Members are encouraged to join discord server! (*not required*)
*Once you have joined please input your new Jet7 Ign into the ign-member-list channel so other members know who you are!*
Jet7 ranks and status!
1. OG
2. Elite
3. Captain
4. Sargent
5. Private

Ranks from Private to OG are obtained through rank and rank alone.
Private rank obtained: Aerial Levels 20-50
Sargent rank obtained: Aerial Levels 50-150
Captain rank obtained: Aerial Levels 150-250
Elite rank obtained: Aerial Levels 250-500
OG rank obtained: Aerial Level *500*

*Once new level is obtained the promoted member MUST screenshot level and post the picture to either this thread or Discord channel under the "Promotion-Channel" on the Jet7 community server!*

*If screenshots aren't able to be obtained you may request to be promoted through a current member in game or through discord only after member has met the conditions for promotion. Only then may the member change and update his or her in game name*

In Game Name Examples:
1. (-Jet7-Og. _____)
2. (-Jet7-Elt. _____)
3. (-Jet7-Capt. _____)
4. (-Jet7-Sgt. _____)
5. (-Jet7-pvt. _____)

Members must uphold and respect rules and are encouraged to call out false representation of what Jet7 Stands for. this includes:
  • False representation of rank
  • Disrespectful and/or toxic behavior by fellow member

If any of the following behaviors are displayed members are encouraged to screenshot Ign behavior and post to either the Jet7 discord server under the "Reports" channel or on this Jet7 Thread.

Reports submitted will be reviewed by Elite and OG members.
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