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This game is broken

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edited January 2
It’s so annoying :

- People exploiting the glitch to have unlimited secondary fire and being near invincible.
- No heroes spawning for one team, so it’s sometimes 3 heroes vs 0 which make the game unfair.
- Heroes should be able to heal themselves forever which make them OP like Bossk and Krenic
- Unbalanced multiplayers
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  • RyanK388
    2012 posts Member
    You forgot the one where people take after market modifications to their controllers/ mouse theirby turning burst fire weapons fully automatic by merely holding down the fire button. EE3/4 are supposed to have a delay in between bursts making cheaters and normal players stand out
  • Dies has officially stopped working on battlefront one so it is unlikely they will ever release a patch it will allow heroes to gain healing on kill, but that’s what medic droids and bacta bombs are for right?
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