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Battle royale in SWBF2

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edited January 2
Create a battle royale for battlefront 2?
Would it be a good idea to move battlefront 2 with other popular game trends to keep it alive by adding a custom star wars battle royale? The season one map could be a combination multi-faction maps with classes from all eras (over lapping era heros will only have one era or the other).
The drop ship can be a variety of ships.
Need ideas for weapons and how ammo should work.
Need to know if this is even possible.

Player base should vote for this game mode if ever developed.
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  • rathoras
    61 posts Member
    edited January 2
    This immediately came to mind.


    Go play fortnite, some star wars for you there now lol.
  • I wouldn't mind a Star Wars themed battle royale game, but not Battlefront 2
  • Fortnite sucks
  • bfloo
    16587 posts Member
    There are enough br games.

    Adding it to BFV and CoD got them no where.
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  • Cyro
    408 posts Member
    a million times NO!
    christ, does EVERYTHING today need battle royale??? the focus on Battle Royale already ruined Battlefield V!
  • A battle royale wouldn't work, it's not the right franchise and it's a dead genre anyway.
  • I for one vote this way.

    "I am one with the Force and the Force is with me. I am one with the Force, and the Force is with me, aaaand now I have a lightsaber!"
  • yeahno.
  • Hahahahahahahgahahahagagahdjsjidhrbwhskgiwbhw... no
  • ULTIMATEMurloc
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    edited January 7
    I think the game devs and team should put their focus on 4 player local split screen. At least for the modes that do not require you to be online.

    It is my opinion that a BR mode would not work with this game based on how the game was developed. (Everything in the game is dependent on being able to recharge). I feel it would require a complete change in game mechanics for it to work correctly instead of just tweaking properties to fit the BR game type.

    (If you have a donkey but want a zebra you don't paint stripes onto the donkey and call it zebra. You get rid of the donkey and buy a zebra.) Develop it with that intent from the start instead of just throwing it in and calling it good.
  • No way yuck, it should be it's own game...don't turn this one into that.
    “There is always hope.”
  • Nope, nope...

    There was an idea a while back for a BR based on the Mandalorians great hunt, that? That could work, maybe even as an evolve type of game.

    But a BF2 Royale? Hell no go back to Fortnite.
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