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Game definitely needs a leaver penalty

I know that this has been debated and those that argue against it because of reasons. But out of about 10 matches, I see people quitting 9 out of 10 times. Worse, they quit after (possibly) getting killed one time too many. Instead of changing their tactics (there I go with the T word again) they simply quit. Leaving their teammates to fend for themselves. I've watched players quit just because they couldn't kill me and then, when they tried to run couldn't, so they just stopped and would stand there. And as soon as they were killed, they'd quit. One recent match a player was hiding constantly, then quit after they'd get found and (rightfully so) killed. It's become an epidemic. Match not going your way, quit, opponent too good for you, quit. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. So, as I and others have suggested in other posts, we really need a penalty for this type of behavior. Other games do it, quite successfully too, it doesn't hurt the game and most players rise to the occasion versus quitting. It's simple really. Player quits the match, player gets an X minute ban from online play. It can be either a 10, 20 or even 30 minute one too. Plenty to do with arcade and campaign while you're temp banned. Hopefully this will curb the quitters a bit.
And now, the inevitable messages from those against.

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  • llll_wAx_llll
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    edited January 5
    This is a symptom of not having a skill based matchmaking system and no way to make private matches to practice. A new player can’t learn to play whilst on the receiving end of a steamroll
    That said, a 5 minute ban wouldn’t hurt. Perhaps longer bans for repetitive quits
  • Spiito
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    So people can avoid penalties by jumping on secondary accounts?
    So that SWBF2 can just "Be similar to all the other games that have [such and such]"?
    No thanks.
  • bfloo
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    If my team is down by 20, with us all getting kill balled before we can regroup, what is the point of staying?

    If lobbies reshuffled, I'd sit it out, but there is no hope of it getting better in this game.
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  • If I keep spawning in front of the enemy that is behind our default spawn waiting to kill me before I can even react I will quit (often I don't like to spawn in on teammates much because I'm usually killed before I can get my bearings). If a hero has more eliminations than our entire team and it is clear they alone can defeat our entire team at will, I will quit. If I have to leave at that moment and take the kids someplace in RL, I will quit. Also, if I have to take a mondo duke and I risk what should only be done in diapers, well I quit. But honestly, until I swapped out our router recently bad internet connections were the main reason by far that I was getting booted from games. All I had to do was close the game, test the IC, then relaunch and I could start playing again but any kind of ban would have prevented me from playing and I would have just walked away and totally stopped playing which is just bad for their business.
  • It needs to be fixed first. Then, when there are no reasonable excuses to leave, then penalize
  • True, it happens a lot in Hero Showdown mode for me and my friends.

    They get killed and often one of those two players just leave.

    And then you have to wait like 2 or 3 minutes.
  • "And now, the inevitable messages from those against." I'm sorry, would you prefer that we all just smile, clap and say "Wonderful idea old chap.. Huzzah", or did you want a discussion? If you don't want differing opinions then posting on a forum is not the best place for you. lol

    How do you differentiate between someone that rage quits and say,
    1. Someone that just decides to play a different mode.
    2. . Someone that gets asked to squad up with friends
    3. Someone who's game crashes.

    People play for their enjoyment, not yours. If they're not having fun in a game for whatever reason, then they can quit. It is what it is..... Man up and move on.

    This, or woman up and move on :neutral:

    There is literally no rankings or stats, why does it even matter if you win or lose? You know what I say when down a person in HvV? More for me. A harder challenge that will only let me get more practice.
  • What about when you wind up in a game with team mates who all go one out, do not play any objectives, and when you are in trouble, will run away and leave you to fight odds to 1 v 3 or worse. I'm supposed to stay for a whole game where my team does that and won't listen to any advice or suggestions to help each other? Yeah, right. I should get penalised for leaving a mess like that? :#
  • Daijooky wrote: »
    I've watched players quit just because they couldn't kill me

    Hilarious. So you're so good that you make people quit, and you're complaining about it? Ok.

    You don't really know why anyone quits. Leaving the game for being tired, changing modes, teammates with no IQ or go out of their way to Not help, etc. are perfectly valid reasons to leave. I don't feel bad about it, and don't care when others leave, whether on my team or the other team.

  • Penalty? No way. Priority number one should be to get matches balanced. I dont blame anyone, who is leaving match which is total steamroll. Actually i urge everyone to do it. Get out as soon as you notice that match is going to be huge steamroll. And of course there good be real life reasons. People have families, jobs and other hobbies. So quit when you want. Theres one type class of quitters i dont understand. In GA usually starts as an officer. Fast bp to get hero/villain. Streak starts. Then they get killed and they are on top of scoreboard.. And quit then.... Happens a lot. Of course could be other reasons but sooo many times it happens...
  • people quit HvV because the mode is trash, lots of people hated the target system and now they got what they wanted: team deathmatch where virtually every match is now 4v3 or worse at some point, and often through the entire match, rendering it boring and pointless

    people don't quit when they're having fun, but DICE made it so it is rarely any fun (unless you like mindless stomps), so rather than blame players ask yourself why anyone should spend their leisure time not having fun...if the only reason you can think of is so that you can keep having fun, you're asking them to entertain you for free

    for the record I don't quit but I find myself playing HvV less and for shorter periods because DICE has made it very hard to have fun playing it...this is not a problem in any other mode, and while part of the issue is that one player quitting throws balance way off, the main problem is the mode has been ruined by a company that doesn't seem to care much about bugs or playability
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