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Add a New Evade: Standing Evade (no directional input)

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Instead of your character automatically dodging backwards if you press “evade” without also inputting a direction on the analog stick, maybe it can do an evasive maneuver that stays in place? Since it’s a much quicker evade, the recharge rate could be slightly faster

Saber Uses:
Visually speaking, I think each character could have a unique one, or at least there be a few varieties of standing evades. Yoda could do a flip in place. Others could duck. Some can lean to either side. If done twice consecutively, the maneuver would essentially mirror itself (i.e. flipping a different direction, leaning from one side to another).

Since you will not being traveling a distance, the quick evasive meneuver would allow you to attack/use an ability much faster than you would have been able to if you would have dodged away. It would function as a very manual counter attack. Or as an alternative to blocking blaster fire, which might be handy if you run out of stamina... although dodging literally anywhere might be the better option.

Blaster Uses:
Visually speaking, they could simply lean quickly to their side, as though they are trying to avoid blaster fire or a frontal attack. If used twice consecutively they would quickly lean left and right, or lean then duck. Might look a little silly but if the right animations are used it would fit well.

Similar to how an evasive roll grants you a short period of immunity, a standing evasive maneuver would allow blaster wielders to potentially avoid incoming fire... if timed right.

I don’t see a real issue with this happening by mistake, since directional evades are very intentional. The only mistaken you might make is dodging the wrong direction. Otherwise, you do have to plan to do a standing evade. Same s you would need to plan to quickly attack right after if you choose to.
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