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Can someone please fix Grievous’ and Bossk’s jump?

That is not a jump without forcepowers. A regular trooper has more airtime that these two.
It just looks dorky when they jump like that, not to mention rhe fact they now barely outjump regular troopers lengthwise.

It shoul be an easy fix, just slow down the acceleration and make it so that it acctually looks natural. I get that the previous jumps were pretty floaty and force like, but that does not mean you have to make their jump like they are walking on Jupiter.


  • You can’t walk on Jupiter. It’s a gas planet.
  • Well you would eventually hot something other than gas, it is not just a gas sphere. That is if you could survive the pressure and storms. Nevertheless, the point is that gravity on Jupiter is more than twice that of the earth, and would result in a jump acceleration/deacceleration quite similar to what Grievous is doing in bfII now :p
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