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Petition to have heroless versions of CS and GA

Title, having so many at once in these game modes not only ruins a balanced match it takes away focus from teammates who only use officer to farm points or camp the spawn screen. Really tired of getting killed by two or more hero’s controlling choke points and objectives with no effort.


  • Number of heroes per side needs to be scaled back to 2 for GA, that's a can of worms topic though for people. Taking down 2 heroes is actually doable, any more than that becomes very hard and demands a lot of coordination, or your team's heroes to stop kill farming and actually work together to find the enemy heroes working together and stop them (what they SHOULD be doing).

    Other than that, killing heroes doesn't feel rewarding because they simply come back 5 seconds later. Needs to be a 30 second timer lock out for the person that died on hero to force them off it so other people can play it. That way it somewhat staggers the frequency of heroes appearing and get's the people that hog hero the entire time off it so the role can be rotated around the lobby better.

  • GA and CS need to be like BF1 and only have 1 hero per side. This was perfect game play balance. Heroes don't need to be at every objective point or team up together to gang ***** players with their barrage of Force attacks. DICE forgot the first rule about making a good BF game "Its all about the grunts," not Heroes. They focused only on Heroes and not general game play, which 98% of the players are only able use. This is why BF1 is superior to BF2. Playing as a Hero in WA wasn't wasn't the objective like BF2 is. That's all GA is with it's cheap 4000BP costs and there being more than 1 Hero per side.
  • Yes please
  • Something should be done about them for sure. At the very least they need to roll back how many can be on the field at once, and have a cool down timer after one is defeated where that same hero can't be picked again by anybody for about 45 seconds or so. Because as of now once a few people get their points with their officer spam, there's always a max number of heroes on the field for the rest of the match. People just camp the spawn screen to get them. There's hardly a point in killing them sometimes when they just immediately show back up a few seconds later.

    I realize you have a ton of people just wanting to be heroes, but the current rate at which they can be played ruins so many matches.

    Then most of the time heroes and villains just ignore each other and farm infantry. Like oh no I wouldn't want to risk my glowy stick to help out my team, so I'll just run away from this other fellow that has one. Who cares if that means we lose an objective, I get to keep my glow bat!
  • Dice needs to remove the infantry kill farming. Simply do not give health on kill from infantry, only reinforcements and other heroes. It’s an easy fix but dice won’t ever do it. Also to stop ganging in HvV there should be friendly fire so the likes of Han and Iden for example would actually have to use strategies rather than relying on splash damaging into a saber duel and 2v1 saber duels would become more dangerous for the 2. This will also never happen due to toxic players who would teamkill purposely for the lols. I would love friendly fire version of HvV as a separate mode tho
  • Agreed.

    Minor heroes like reinforcements don’t bother me much, they seem scaled correctly. Tough, effective but can be fought back against.
    I’d prefer a version with only these and vehicles.

    Something about the full heroes in this version seems off.
    Heroes don’t seem to hunt heroes, rather they avoid each other, reaping troopers and ensuring they have enough points to immediately pick the same hero should something go wrong.

    Problem is, I can’t think of a solution.
    Increasing the cost of subsequent reselections post kill would only incentivise more cautious, less “heroic” behaviour.
    Queues would be awkward.

    Maybe a bidding system?
    You select a hero at the cost of all your battle points above the minimum cost.
    The person with the highest gets to spawn as their selected hero.
    Next slot opens, the next highest spends all points to spawn, including any earned while waiting.
    Players who die have a longer climb to get the hero back rather than an immediate respawn and those who are worse players would have a higher chance of spawning in as a hero in later stages of the game.

    It still wouldn’t resolve the other problems, but it’s all I can pull out of the air at the time of writing.
  • I want a Blasterless HvV.
  • CT_93921
    383 posts Member
    edited January 12
    LafenChuck wrote: »
    I want a Blasterless HvV.

    I wouldn’t mind that too much so we could have dedicated duels but honestly besides boba camping out of reach and running away constantly If blaster hero’s are a problem in HvV it’s not the blasters fault it’s the teams
  • Yes please to heroless/villainless CS/GA and limiting them 2per side would not be bad at all. Or some cooling times until you can pick new Hero or Villain when they go down.
  • LafenChuck wrote: »
    I want a Blasterless HvV.
    I wouldn't mind a menu like Co-op for HvV (general TDM mode):
    • Lightsabers Only
    • Blasters Only
    • Lightsabers and Blasters

    I like showdown as is, its a gamble picking your hero, anticipating if they will bring sabers or blasters, or both.
  • They have done events like this before to remove heroes from GA and CS. In my opinion it was ok for one round and was very boring afterwards. If they were to make permanent modes with no heroes than that would further split the player base. I would vote a big no on this one.
  • So only cater heroplayers? There would be enough players for both modes.
  • I'd like to try it out and see what its like.
  • CT_93921 wrote: »
    Title, having so many at once in these game modes not only ruins a balanced match it takes away focus from teammates who only use officer to farm points or camp the spawn screen. Really tired of getting killed by two or more hero’s controlling choke points and objectives with no effort.

    Tried out some CS as it's coming to ST soon and heroes are not a big problem there IMO. GA is a disaster though. So yes. I agree. We need an option to play without heroes.
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