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Change the podium results

Now for a potentially unpopular suggestion. The podium finish, at the end of the various matches, should feature only those from the winning team/side. You never see an MVP from a losing team in sports do you. Should be the same here. That or prioritize the top three positions to be the objective leader (if there is an objective), combat and score, with score going below objective and combat. It's too easy to get a big score and be low in combat/objective. Food for thought.
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  • Can't say that it bothers me at all... Change it if u want. Meh


  • That would be cool. Though, they do (or did, idk) in Extraction. I think it would be cool to have the top 5 from each team though but highlighting the highest objective scorer and combat scorer with a flag next to it. I think they will leave it the way it currently is but good suggestion 👍
  • The loser behind the winner in the Olympics gets a silver on the podium and the next gets a bronze, don’t have to be the same team, I say leave as-is and focus on other things.
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